179+ Korean Bobtail Cat Names

Looking for the ideal name for your Korean Bobtail cat? Find the perfect name that reflects your Korean Bobtail cat’s unique personality and origins.

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Are you the proud owner of a beautiful Korean Bobtail cat? This unique and enchanting breed deserves a name that reflects its rich heritage and distinctive characteristics.

If you’re searching for the perfect name that captures the essence of your Korean Bobtail, you’ve come to the right place. We have curated a diverse list of meaningful and fitting names to help you find the ideal moniker for your feline companion.

Get ready to be inspired and discover the perfect Korean Bobtail cat name that will make your heart skip a beat.

Best Korean Bobtail Cat Names

  • Dae-Hyun (great and bright)
  • Min-Ji (clever and wisdom)
  • Seo-Jin (felicitous omen)
  • Ji-Yeon (wisdom and beauty)
  • Hyun-Woo (bright and brave)
  • Ye-Jin (precious and true)
  • Soo-Min (bright and clever)
  • Jun-Ho (handsome and heroic)
  • Ji-Hye (wisdom and kindness)
  • Yeon-Ju (beautiful and graceful)
  • Min-Ho (clever and eminence)
  • Su-Mi (beauty and depth)
  • Jae-Hyun (respectful and virtuous)
  • Seo-Yeon (felicitous omen)
  • Hyun-Jae (bright and talented)
  • Yoo-Jin (gentle and precious)
  • Min-Ah (clever and beautiful)
  • Soo-Ho (bright and heroic)
  • Ji-Won (wisdom and first)
  • Min-Jun (clever and handsome)
  • Jae-Eun (respectful and kindness)
  • Yoon-Ji (lotus and wisdom)
  • Hyun-Ju (bright and graceful)
  • Min-Gi (clever and bravery)
  • Seo-Mi (felicitous beauty)
  • Ji-Soo (wisdom and excellence)
  • Hyun-Jin (bright and true)
  • Yeon-Ho (beautiful and goodness)
  • Soo-Jin (bright and precious)
  • Jae-Min (respectful and clever)
  • Min-Joon (clever and talented)

Funny Korean Bobtail Cat Names

  • Bibimbap (a mixed rice dish)
  • Kimchi (fermented vegetable side dish)
  • Mochi (a sweet rice cake)
  • Bamboo (because they love to play with bamboo sticks)
  • Noodle (because they are always noodling about)
  • Bubble (because they are full of energy and bounce)
  • Gimme (because they always want attention)
  • Sushi (because they are as elegant and refined as sushi)
  • Meowster (because they are the ultimate masters of meowing)
  • Purrfect (because they are simply perfect)
  • Whiskers (because they have the most adorable whiskers)
  • Chowder (because they are always chowing down)
  • Nugget (because they are small and precious like a nugget)
  • Sprinkle (because they bring a sprinkle of joy to your life)
  • Cuddles (because they love to cuddle)
  • Zoomies (because they have bursts of crazy energy)
  • Waffles (because they are as delicious as waffles)
  • Pickle (because they have a quirky and unique personality)
  • Mischief (because they are always up to some mischief)
  • Squiggle (because they have a playful and wiggly nature)
  • Bounce (because they bounce around like a little ball)
  • Snooze (because they love to snooze and relax)
  • Giggles (because they always bring a smile and laughter)
  • Pumpkin (because they are as cute and round as a pumpkin)
  • Butterbean (because they are as sweet and adorable as a butterbean)
  • Boomerang (because they always come back for more love)
  • Snickerdoodle (because they are as sweet and lovable as a snickerdoodle)
  • Sweet Pea (because they are as sweet and delicate as a sweet pea)
  • Chatterbox (because they love to chat and meow)
  • Chompers (because they have the cutest little teeth)
  • Snoopy (because they are always snooping around)

Cool Korean Bobtail Cat Names

  • Ryder (adventurous and brave)
  • Nova (new and brilliant)
  • Jett (black and stylish)
  • Blaze (fiery and passionate)
  • Sage (wise and alluring)
  • Kai (strong and victorious)
  • Luna (moon and mystical)
  • Zephyr (gentle breeze and free-spirited)
  • Shadow (mysterious and elusive)
  • Ace (skilled and unbeatable)
  • Pearl (precious and pure)
  • Rex (king and regal)
  • Nyx (night and mysterious)
  • Phoenix (rebirth and powerful)
  • Jinx (playful and mischievous)
  • Harley (adventurous and daring)
  • Storm (strong and powerful)
  • Jagger (cool and charismatic)
  • Roxy (bold and sassy)
  • Rider (bold and daring)
  • Sable (dark and mysterious)
  • Indigo (mystical and unique)
  • Talon (sharp and fierce)
  • Rogue (rebellious and independent)
  • Blitz (fast and energetic)
  • Jet (fast and sleek)
  • Viper (sly and cunning)
  • Raven (mysterious and intelligent)
  • Steele (strong and determined)
  • Stormy (tempestuous and unpredictable)
  • Rogue (rebellious and independent)

Unique Korean Bobtail Cat Names

  • Bora (purple)
  • Dami (sweet and beautiful)
  • Eun-ha (graceful and mercy)
  • Ha-neul (sky and heaven)
  • Ja-yun (talent and produce)
  • Ki-hyun (great and wisdom)
  • Na-ri (lily and beautiful)
  • Ok-jin (jade and treasure)
  • Sang-mi (spring and beauty)
  • Yoon-hee (lotus and grace)
  • Bo-kyung (precious and brightness)
  • Do-hyun (path and bright)
  • Eun-seo (grace and felicitous)
  • Hye-lim (bright and beautiful)
  • Joo-won (autumn and first)
  • Ki-yong (great and purity)
  • Nan-ji (bright and wisdom)
  • Ok-hee (jade and grace)
  • Sang-hoon (mutual and brave)
  • Yoo-na (gentle and grace)
  • Byung-ho (prosperous and goodness)
  • Dong-mi (east and beauty)
  • Eun-ji (grace and wisdom)
  • Hyo-sun (filial piety and goodness)
  • Ji-sook (wisdom and purity)
  • Min-seok (clever and strong)
  • Ok-sun (jade and goodness)
  • Sang-woo (mutual and strength)
  • Yoo-ri (gentle and beautiful)
  • Chul-soo (great and excellence)
  • Eun-ji (grace and wisdom)

Cute Korean Bobtail Cat Names

  • Chun-jae (Spring Hero)
  • Na-ri (Lily)
  • Bom (Spring)
  • Sa-rang (Love)
  • Mi-jeong (Beautiful and Pure)
  • Yeo-wol (Moon)
  • Ji-hye (Wisdom and Intelligence)
  • Nari (Lily)
  • Hee-yeon (Graceful and Beautiful)
  • Baek-ho (White Tiger)
  • Min-ji (Clever and Quick-witted)
  • Gyeong-sook (Respected and Pure)
  • Naeun (Sweet and Elegant)
  • Moon-ja (Wisdom and Truth)
  • Young-sun (Eternal and Pure)
  • Ji-yoon (Intellectual and Talented)
  • Ha-neul (Sky)
  • Seo-jin (Felicitous omen)
  • Mi-ah (Beautiful Child)
  • Sae-rom (New Beginning)
  • Yeon-hwa (Lotus Flower)
  • Haneul (Heaven)
  • Yuna (Lotus Blossom)
  • Min-jun (Quick and Sharp)
  • Bo-gyeong (Precious and Clear)
  • Seo-yeon (Felicity and Grace)
  • Na-eun (Graceful and Elegant)
  • Da-hyun (Great Wisdom)
  • Yeon-joo (Beautiful and Gentle)
  • Hyun-jung (Clever and Graceful)
  • Na-young (Elegant and Tender)

Male Korean Bobtail Cat Names

  • Bong-gu (Extraordinary)
  • Seo-jun (Talented and Handsome)
  • Min-ho (Brave and Heroic)
  • Dae-hyun (Great and Wise)
  • Ho-seok (Great and Bright)
  • Jin-woo (Precious and Noble)
  • Gi-tae (Brilliant and Talented)
  • Seung-ho (Victorious and Noble)
  • Hyun-joon (Intelligent and Handsome)
  • Byung-ho (Valiant and Auspicious)
  • Jae-ho (Respectful and Auspicious)
  • Tae-yang (Big and Sunny)
  • Yong-guk (Brave and Strong)
  • Min-seok (Clever and Respected)
  • Jin-ho (Precious and Auspicious)
  • Dong-ho (East and Auspicious)
  • Sung-hoon (Success and Wise)
  • Seok-jin (Precious and Truthful)
  • Hyun-woo (Intelligent and Radiant)
  • Jae-kyung (Respectful and Noble)
  • Jin-hyuk (Precious and Radiant)
  • Min-gyu (Clever and Precious)
  • Han-gyul (Great and Marvelous)
  • Seung-hyun (Victorious and Wise)
  • Do-hyun (Brave and Wise)
  • Joon-ho (Talented and Auspicious)
  • Hyung-jin (Wise and Precious)
  • Min-seo (Clever and Auspicious)
  • Gi-hun (Brilliant and Energetic)
  • Se-joon (Wisdom and Auspicious)

Female Korean Bobtail Cat Names

  • Min-ji (Clever and Quick-witted)
  • Yeo-won (Beautiful and Graceful)
  • So-mi (Beautiful and Pure)
  • Seo-yeon (Felicity and Grace)
  • Ji-woo (Intellectual and Beautiful)
  • Su-ji (Graceful and Clever)
  • Sa-rang (Love)
  • Na-young (Elegant and Tender)
  • Yoo-ri (Beautiful and Charitable)
  • Ji-hye (Wisdom and Intelligence)
  • Sae-rom (New Beginning)
  • Mi-ah (Beautiful Child)
  • Ha-neul (Sky)
  • Hyun-jung (Clever and Graceful)
  • Seul-gi (Wisdom and Beauty)
  • Ji-yoon (Intellectual and Talented)
  • Na-eun (Graceful and Elegant)
  • Yuna (Lotus Blossom)
  • Bo-mi (Beautiful and Graceful)
  • Seo-hyun (Wisdom and Grace)
  • Hae-won (Graceful and Beautiful)
  • Min-ah (Clever and Beautiful)
  • Yeon-joo (Beautiful and Gentle)
  • Jin-ae (Precious and Graceful)
  • Ha-yeon (Graceful and Shining)
  • Seo-yeon (Felicity and Grace)
  • Na-young (Elegant and Tender)
  • Yoo-mi (Beautiful and Eminent)
  • Ji-eun (Wisdom and Graceful)
  • Yeon-ji (Beautiful and Wisdom)
  • Min-seo (Clever and Auspicious)

How to Choose Korean Bobtail Cat Names?

  1. Consider the cat’s appearance, such as its color or markings. For example, if your Korean Bobtail cat has a beautiful white coat, you could name it Baek-ho, which means “White Tiger.”
  2. Think about the cat’s personality and traits. If your Korean Bobtail is playful and energetic, you could choose a name like Sae-rom, which means “New Beginning.”
  3. Research Korean culture and mythology for inspiration. Names like Chun-jae, meaning “Spring Hero,” or Yeo-wol, meaning “Moon,” can reflect the rich heritage of the Korean Bobtail breed.
  4. Consider names that have a special meaning to you personally. For example, if you love flowers, you could name your Korean Bobtail cat Yeon-hwa, which means “Lotus Flower.”
  5. Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and remember. It should also be a name that you and your family members enjoy saying out loud. Names like Bom, which means “Spring,” or Ji-hye, which means “Wisdom and Intelligence,” are simple yet meaningful.
  6. Avoid choosing names that sound too similar to commands or common household objects. This will help prevent confusion for both you and the cat. For example, “No” or “Sit” may sound too similar to a name like Nari, which means “Lily.”
  7. Take your time and don’t rush the naming process. Observe your cat’s behavior and personality for a few days before deciding on a name that suits them perfectly.
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