250+ Cool Discord Names Ideas for 2021

Looking for Cool Discord Names for your discord account or channel? Congrats your search is over! In this article, We, Namefx Team, gives a Cool Discord Names List that is not yet taken along with some pointers on how to find a perfect discord name in 2021. What is Discord? Long before internet or LAN …

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Cool Discord Names, Cool Discord Names Ideas

Looking for Cool Discord Names for your discord account or channel? Congrats your search is over! In this article, We, Namefx Team, gives a Cool Discord Names List that is not yet taken along with some pointers on how to find a perfect discord name in 2021.

What is Discord?

Cool Discord Names,

Long before internet or LAN gaming, playing video games with friends meant calling your friends over to your place or to an arcade. However, over the years, as the internet became more accessible to everyone, the situation quickly changed. Now people could play video games with anyone no matter how far they are as long as they had an internet connection.

With the rise in popularity of multiplayer games and ever-rising internet connectivity, more people were playing video games together than ever before without leaving the comfort of their homes. But teaming up with people over the internet had its own share of issues.

In 2012 the team behind Discord realized that it is hard for gamers to talk to their friends while playing games. This led them to develop a chat service with a focus on user-friendliness with minimal impact on performance.

In the beginning, Discord was made to allow users to message each other. Every group was named a “server.” If you’re familiar with Slack, you’ll consider it as a more formal version of it. Servers are packed with channels like text channels and voice channels ( for voice chat with others). Additionally, it allows you to share recordings, pictures, weblinks, music, and so on.

Discord was designed with gamers in focus, making it easy to communicate with others while playing games. However, anyone can use it as a simple and easy way to connect with a large number of people in a group or in one-to-one private chats.

How to choose a Cool Discord Name?

Choosing a name for anything is a difficult task. It depends on your perspective regarding discord. Either you only want to look cool, or you wanted to team up with the people and can have fun with them together. It all depends on your approach. While choosing discord name, you should keep in mind the following points listed below:

  • The background of the game like it is a story based game or something adventurous.
  • The role of a character you’re playing in a game.
  • The community or people you’re connecting with.
  • Keeping in mind these rules will help you to select the coolest and trendy discord names.

Why Change Your Discord Names?

Using the same discord name for every character seems lame. It is essential to change the discord name according to the character and role of a gamer. If you are playing an online game, you can choose a name for a discord according to that. If you are playing a game without connecting the community, then you can have a name whatever you want because if you’re playing singly, you don’t need to impress others. Still, if you’re playing as a community, then it is cool to have a sassy and amazing discord name of your own choice. That name will be your identity in the gaming world, so select wisely.

List of Cool Discord Name Ideas:

Cool Discord Name Ideas

Here we have gathered some of the cool and amazing discord name ideas and categorize them in different kinds. The following are listed below:

Cool Discord Role Names:

Cool Discord Role Names

Some of the names depend on the role of the character of a gamer. It is essential to watch out for the role of a person you are playing in the game. Here is a list of cool discord role name ideas:

  1. Syrim
  2. Witcher
  3. Dark Souls
  4. Deus Ex
  5. Vampire
  6. Mortal Shell
  7. Horizon Zero
  8. Hellpoint
  9. Fairy Tail
  10. Alicization
  11. Lycoris
  12. The Dark Eye
  13. Dungeon
  14. Minecraft
  15. Minecraft
  16. Greymoor
  17. Mana
  18. Iratus
  19. Dead Gods
  20. Warlander

Cool Discord Server Names:

Cool Discord Server Names

Discord added a new feature called server name. It allows you to connect with the people in different servers. Some cool discord names for servers are listed below:

  1. Conglomerate
  2. Braxy
  3. War
  4. Master
  5. Raister
  6. Sqrqzq
  7. Bunk
  8. Rajon
  9. Predator
  10. Attorney
  11. Rowdy
  12. Stephanie
  13. Bounty
  14. Monty Pylon
  15. BoutyBae
  16. Zebes
  17. xXSakuraxX
  18. Gruntilda
  19. BloxRfune99
  20. Steve+

Cool Discord Bot Names:

cool discord names idea for bots
cool discord names idea for bots

Discord bots are like addons that can do a variety of automated tasks such as welcoming new members and automatic content moderation or can be used to add some cool features to your discord servers. For instance, you can use Discord bot commands to add music, memes, other content, even mini-games to your server!

Here is a list of cool Discord names for Bots.

  1. Passive
  2. DreadReapr
  3. Strikah
  4. Nas
  5. ImGamerHead
  6. Cosmic
  7. CopperIsMyWay
  8. Nuhteyy
  9. Seren
  10. AW35OM3
  11. Raven
  12. torriZ
  13. L4urens
  14. Snek
  15. BoJack
  16. CisionIX
  17. Navsbox
  18. Izzibaby
  19. PlutoMods
  20. KyeKiller

Cool Discord Names For Profile:

Cool Discord Names For Profile

Profile name attracts the user, helps you to connect with the community, and make more friends around the globe. The following are cool Discord profile name ideas:

  1. Ebola
  2. Knuckles
  3. ToySoldier
  4. ZodiacKiller
  5. Eat Bullets
  6. KnuckleDuster
  7. Jack
  8. Necromancer
  9. Manslaughter
  10. Tears of joy
  11. Guillotine
  12. BigKnives
  13. Backstabber
  14. Zealot
  15. Chopsuey
  16. SemiAutomatic
  17. Dudemister
  18. SmashDtrash
  19. Slaughter
  20. simply the best

Funny Discord Server Names:

Funny Discord Server Names,

Some people have a humourous nature; they love to make other people smile. Communicating with a large community means you are going to make so many people smile through your funny discord name. The following are some cool and funny discord name ideas:

  1. King 0f dairy queen
  2. Hanging with my gnomies
  3. Skedaddle
  4. Herpes_03
  5. Shaquille oatmeal
  6. Manhole
  7. Crapulence
  8. Pro Trooper
  9. SharkHunter
  10. RumGuru
  11. WinningGlory
  12. Conqueror
  13. Kiss my axe
  14. Crappyrule
  15. Flash
  16. Vader
  17. HuggyBear
  18. Rosco
  19. Big Bird
  20. Minnie Mine

Cool Discord Channel Names:

Cool Discord Channel Names

Every channel has a different purpose so so be wise in choosing a channel name. The Following are some cool discord names for channel ideas:

  1. The Miracle Whips
  2. Gouda Friends
  3. The High Fives
  4. Fur Real Friends
  5. Spice Girls
  6. Friends Circle
  7. Core Four
  8. The Awkward Turtles
  9. Best Fries Forever
  10. Picture Perfect
  11. Finest Fam
  12. 50 Shades Of Slay
  13. Slay Belles
  14. Forever 21
  15. Quads of Fury
  16. Lost and Found
  17. Eggcellent Dozen
  18. Taters Gonna Tate
  19. Tick Talk
  20. Nerd Herd

Cool Discord Names For Boys:

Cool Discord Names For Boys

Boys usually love playing video games more than girls. According to a 2020 report by statista.com 59% of computer and video gamers in the US are male.

Here are some of the cool discord name ideas for boys:

  1. Sabertooth
  2. Scratch
  3. Diesel
  4. Spike
  5. Outlaw
  6. Canine
  7. Buzz
  8. Ratman
  9. Buster
  10. Rex
  11. Coma
  12. Dreads
  13. Frankenstein
  14. Froggy
  15. Tornado
  16. Mastadon
  17. Baby boss
  18. Meatball
  19. Mr. President
  20. Master
  21. Mr. Frosty
  22. Boomerang
  23. Maddux
  24. Banjo Hitter
  25. First DOwn
  26. Lobster
  27. Slug
  28. Ratman
  29. Gecko
  30. Teddybear

Cool Discord Names For Girls:

Cool Discord Names For Girls

Some girls are also fond of gaming as boys. They don’t play with Barbie dolls but to spend hours playing different games, slaying bosses, and bagging achievements. The following are some cool discord name ideas for girls:

  1. Alias
  2. ggGirl
  3. Pearl
  4. Bombshell
  5. Butterfly
  6. Countess
  7. Dollface
  8. Dynamo
  9. Eclipse
  10. Flawless
  11. Hela
  12. Howty
  13. Katniss
  14. MaythemMia
  15. Queen
  16. Slayer
  17. TouchMeNOT
  18. lov3nThunder
  19. Tigress
  20. Trinity
  21. Venus
  22. Wonder Woman
  23. Xena
  24. Zelda
  25. Angelina
  26. Goose
  27. Matilda
  28. Chipmunk
  29. Giggles
  30. Gopher


Choosing a desirable discord name is difficult. We have listed a series of different discord names based on different categories for your convenience. Your name is your identity in the gaming world. It is a source that helps other people and the community to connect and communicate with you. Share this amazing article with your friends and loved ones who are in search of trendy and cool discord names. Hope this article helps you to find a cool discord name for yourself or your friend.

Best Of Luck!