250+ Cool WiFi Names to Freak out Your Neighbors

There are two kinds of people in this world.Those who give their wifi cool names and then there are the boring people. The author WiFi is almost an essential part of our modern lives. From our smartphones, laptops, and tables to the kitchen utensils like toasters and juicers, if it is the latest model, it …

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Cool WiFi Names,

There are two kinds of people in this world.
Those who give their wifi cool names and then there are the boring people.

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WiFi is almost an essential part of our modern lives. From our smartphones, laptops, and tables to the kitchen utensils like toasters and juicers, if it is the latest model, it probably has WiFi built into it! All of these gadgets work connected through your Routers/WiFi network and we just take it (our WiFi network) for granted.

Cool WiFi Names,

So, what better way is there to show your gratitude to your WiFi Network than by changing your SSID name to some cool WiFi Names?

Now, when it comes to naming, some users choose funny names for their WiFi Network, some like to keep it simple wifi names, some like creative wifi names, while some just go crazy! Their choice usually depends upon their mindset, their surroundings, and a lot of the time, their humor.


List of Funny, Clever, and Cool Wi-Fi Names

Cool WiFi Names,

Therefore, in this article, we have compiled a list of 250+ Creative, funny, and Cool WiFi names so you don’t have to put in the hard work of finding one. Just grab the name you like and thank us in the comments!

Wi-Fi Network Names:

After all, it is a Wi-Fi network name that you try to keep funny, amusing, crazy, and often creepy at the end of the day. So, why don’t you make it different and interesting in the same way?

Have a look at some interesting Wi-Fi Network names.

  1. I’m not rich, but you depend on my network
  2. Never going to give you my password
  3. Pretty cool for a free network
  4. Hide your network
  5. What if I didn’t have internet?
  6. Free guest Wi-Fi
  7. Nacho Wi-Fi
  8. Free Wi-Fi Zone
  9. It Is Private Connection
  10. I Like my WiFi STRONG

Cool Wi-fi Names:

Cool WiFi Names

Some people prefer to choose yet-so-cool Wi-Fi names because showing off is the case, while in other cases, they want to make them sound cool and catchy.

Following are some cool and catchy Wi-Fi names,

  1. The password is….
  2. Protect your Wi-Fi but trust in God
  3. My Neighbour is Eating My Bandwith
  4. Buy Me Coffee when We Meet
  5. Hit the road surfing
  6. You don’t need to come back
  7. I Have your IP
  8. Providing you free internet Since 1997
  9. Fantasy will be the end of you
  10. We’ve got to the goods
  11. Fire On

Funny WiFi Names:

Funny WiFi Names,

Based on the humor, some people always bring fun to their day to day life events even in such unexpected happenings. So, why would they not choose to keep their basic necessity of life, the name of their Wi-Fi at some level, funny?

Here is an example of how do they choose to make it and keep it funny,

  1. Let’s Split the Internet Bill
  2. No devices detected
  3. Turn around here
  4. Work hard to get your internet
  5. The LAN Before Time
  6. Nacho WiFi
  7. It Burns When IP
  8. It Hurts When IP
  9. Bill Wi, the Science Fi
  10. Girls Gone Wireless
  11. Funny Wifi Name
  12. New England Clam Router
  13. Clever Wi-Fi Network Names
  14. Please Connect for Identity Theft
  15. Mom, Click Here for the Internet
  16. This is Not Free Either
  17. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  18. LAN of Milk and Honey
  19. LAN Solo
  20. Wi believe I can Fi
  21. LAN Down Under
  22. Password is 1234
  23. Cut your lawn
  24. Spying On You
  25. Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi
  26. Lord Voldemodem
  27. Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi!
  28. TellYourWifiNeedMyPantsBack
  29. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Lan
  30. OhMyLordItsaWiFire
  31. Definitely Not An FBI Surveillance Van 
  32. Virus Infected WiFi
  33. Access Denied
  34. Skynet Global Defense Network
  36. I’m cheating on my WiFi
  37. Benjamin FranLAN
  38. Vladimir Computing
  39. Connection failed, restart device
  40. Untrusted internet connection
  41. You have to pay for me!
  42. No pain No WiFi
  43. Future is at my home
  44. Make me happy
  45. Please find my password
  46. WiFi Virus detected, Do Not Connect!

Clever Wi-fi Names:

Clever Wi-fi Names,

Most people prefer an intriguing approach that is most likely to make them look appealing and bright. And that is one of the reasons that they end up choosing some of the clever Wi-Fi names that they could ever choose.

 Wi-Fi names are not something that is changed frequently. Once a person chooses a name for his Wi-Fi, it lasts for long until he switches to another Wi-Fi and sets another name. So here is a reflection of mighty clever approach,

  1. Stealing Wifi is a Crime
  2. For whom the internet belong
  3. Official use only Wi-Fi internet
  4. Searching for your internet
  5. I’m doing your Wi-Fi tonight
  6. The internet master
  7. Download no music or movie here
  8. Light use data only
  9. Ask my password
  10. It is private property
  11. Limited/no internet access

Good Wi-fi Names:

Good Wi-fi Names,

While unfortunately, not the majority, but some of the people still choose the plainer and simpler side but the innovative one. They implement their lives accordingly especially when it comes to the minor details that include the way they carry their necessities; their Wi-Fi is one of the things as well,

So here, you can better have a glimpse on how they choose to be innovative,

  1. The friendly neighborhood WiFi Man
  2. Dad, use this one
  3. No Internet for idlers
  4. 404 network available
  5. 411 super speed connection
  6. Password is Your Middle name
  7. Sorry, you will not use our internet
  8. Troubleshooting…
  9. I love Neighbors
  10. Free Wi-Fi zone

Creative Wi-fi Names:

Creative Wi-fi Names,

Creativity is a blessing. Don’t you think so? When presented in public or even reflected, the creative piece outshines everything, not excluding the little yet most important part; the Wi-Fi name. Keep it creative and positive, and your Wi-Fi name will never stop to amaze people.

Here’s how you can keep it creative and alive,

  1. How Strong is My WiFi Password?
  2. If you had your Wi-Fi, you wouldn’t need mine
  3. $1 per hour every day
  4. Loading…. Please wait
  5. All connections unavailable
  6. Making Wi-Fi great again
  7. Wi-Fi network?
  8. Wi-Fi is locked
  9. 10G Connection
  10. Person detector
  11. I can get your Facebook password

Cool Names for Wi-fi Hotspot:

Cool Names for Wi-fi Hotspot,

Cool cool, mighty fool. Nothing’s ever so cool that it becomes unbearable. It always remains beatable. But there are still some ways to keep the cool of your thing even if it is your Wi-Fi/Hotspot name.

Wanna know how? Have a look at the following names,

  1. No connection to my hotspot
  2. Battle of the internet
  3. No password necessary
  4. Password is password, period
  5. Pay your internet
  6. Connects automatically, no password needed
  7. A red light on…
  8. I am warning you
  9. Stop being a Mooch
  10. It burns when IP

Thoughtful Wi-fi Names:

Thoughtful Wi-fi Names,

Thoughtfulness never lets you miss the chance of being the center of attention. Keep it thoughtful, and see how it goes well.

Here are some thoughtful ideas for your Wi-Fi names,

  1. Chinese Hackers
  2. Error Connecting to WiFi
  3. Call 911 for Internet emergencies
  4. Every day is your birthday
  5. Retry to make a connection
  6. Scanning for available networks
  7. The undisputed network
  8. Free for 1 hour daily
  9. Guardians Of Peace
  10. FBI Surveillance Van
  11. B3y0nd

Crazy Wi-fi Names:

Crazy Wifi Names,

There’s a lot of chance of the progress where things come from out of the box. Such a rule applies to the craziness. Even if it is a very little thing like your Wi-Fi name, if you like it crazy, you’ll always keep it crazy.

And here you can see some crazy Wi-Fi names,

  1. I Have your Internet History
  2. Guest, you are welcome to use my internet
  3. Guest network only
  4. Searching for guests only
  5. Click here to log in
  6. No one can read your mails
  7. Once see back
  8. Password free Wi-Fi
  9. Authentication failed
  10. United hackers
  11. My wife is out of town

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So here is the list of unique, trendy, and cool Wi-Fi names for you. If you like this article, share this with your friends. You can go through this variety of Wi-Fi names to choose one for your Wi-Fi device to show off in your friend circle somehow sheepishly.

Best Of Luck!