11 Expert Tips To Choosing A Baby Name

By Olivia Suzuki 

Avoid Passing Trend

Your baby's name should last a lifetime. Will this name sound ridiculous in 10 years? Other children may be tempted to chant it in a taunting tone in the schoolyard?  In the event that any of these questions are answered "yes", it should be nixed. 


Consider the Initials 

It might sound petty, but your child's initials are another crucial consideration. Alyssa Sydney Scott (A.S.S.), for example, is NOT a good choice. You might want to note down the initials of each name you're considering just to be sure.


Look At Your Family Tree

You can also find inspiration in your family tree. One of your family members may have created a family tree online or your parents may have old records of family names. Take a look to see if anything catches your eye.  


Honor Your Culture

You can honor your heritage by choosing a name that comes from your cultural background. There's bound to be at least one name in your culture that you love if you do an online search. 


Run the Name by a Clever Grade-Schooler

In the schoolyard, kids will bully each other for any reason. Try giving your favorite name(s) to a clever 10-year-old you know to see how quickly it could turn into playground fodder. 


This step is imperative so that you don’t end up choosing a name with a meaning that horrifies you. You might love the sound of Giselle, for example, but did you know it means “hostage”? Or that Cecilia means “blind” and Cameron means “crooked nose”?  


Look Up Meaning

Contemplate All Possible Nickname


It's a good idea to brainstorm possible nicknames with your partner or another trusted family member or friend to make sure you don't overlook anything.

Listen carefully to what your friends and family members say about this name.


Get feedback on the name 

Screen the Baby Name for Over-Popularity and Trendine



Consider The Importance Of The Middle Name


Don’t Stress Too Much

If you do make a mistake and regret the name you chose, don’t panic – you have options.  And if worse comes to worst, you can always change your child’s name legally. 

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