500+ Best Male Tabby Cat Names that suits his Personality

Choosing a name for your boy tabby cat is an exciting process. Male tabby cats especially have a lot of character, so the name you choose for them really does matter. If you’re in need of some inspiration for you’ve come to the right place. Below is a complete list of the 250+ best male …

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that suits his Personality

Choosing a name for your boy tabby cat is an exciting process. Male tabby cats especially have a lot of character, so the name you choose for them really does matter. If you’re in need of some inspiration for you’ve come to the right place.

Below is a complete list of the 250+ best male tabby cat names. These names work perfectly for all male tabby cats irrespective of their breed or coat pattern. So, Feel free to browse through the alphabetically-organized list!

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Contents Covered in this blog are

  1. Tips For Naming Your Male Tabby Cat
  2. Male Names for Tabby Cats that suits his Personality (A-Z)
  3. Closing Thoughts

Tips For Naming Your Male Tabby Cat

Naming cats, in general, can be a difficult task. There is a lot to consider. When naming a tabby cat the following items should be considered:

  1. How the cat looks like
  2. The nature of the cat
  3. The cat breed
  4. Tabby cat Patterns

Male Names for Tabby Cats that suits his Personality

Terrific Tabby Cat Name Ideas For Your New  Male Cat Or Kitten
Photo by Eliza Lensa from Pexels


  • Alvin 
    • Best for the fan of the chipmunks. If your cat creates trouble then it is perfect for him.
  • Angus
  • Means strength. It is perfect for a Powerfull cat.
  • Aslan 
    • Best for the bold cat.
  • Atlas 
    • If you love Greek then best for your cat.
  • Alfred
    • Best suited for the wise cat.
  • Alex
    • Great name for a protective tabby cat, this name is just what the doctor ordered.
  • Avery
    • Avery is a cute name for a cat who truly controls the household.
  • Aristotle
    • Good name your male cat after the great Greek philosopher!


cute male tabby cat
  • Braxton
    • Best Name for English Cat
  • Brooks
    • Best for a fine behavior male cat.
  • Barry
    • Works best with the rare chocolate-colored cats!
  • Beethoven
    • For a cat that interested in music!
  • Blink
    • For a cat who is super fast.
  • Blaze
    • For a cat that always gets into trouble and never slows down.
  • Bumblebee
    • Mackerel tabby cat patterns kind of remind people of bees.


  • Cooper
    • Cooper is a great name for good behavior male cat.
  • Cookie
    • Tabby cats with brown fur and dark circles or swirls will fit this name just right.
  • Cliff
    • A good name for cats who are frequent climbers.
  • Charcoal
    • An excellent name for dark or smoke colored tabby cats.
  • Cheetah
    • Best for Bengal or Tiger tabby cats!
  • Checkers
    • Suited for orange and black cats!


  • Dash
    • Cats are active and always dash around the home!
  • Dart
    • This name is for a cat that expertly darts around the room.
  • Dawson
    • Best for Tabby Cats.
  • Dexter
    • A wise name for a male cat that is often associated with intelligence.


  • Elvis
    • Best name for a black and white cat who is a fan of the music.
  • Elton
    • Best for a male cat who is adventurous.


Best Male Tabby Cat Names For your new kitten
  • Frank
    • Best for a male cat.
  • Fabio
    • Best for the longhaired male tabby cat.
  • Fluffy
    • Perfectly works for a cat with a long fluffy fur coat.


  • Gary
    • Gary is the perfect name for a fearless cat.
  • Gale
    • Best name for your intense fur baby
  • Gerald
    • A cat who wants to rule a certain part of our house.


  • Handel
    • Best for Classical music fans.
  • Heaven
    • Suited for a beautiful Cat.
  • Hopper
    • Cats love to jump around during playtime.
  • Hurricane
    • If you have a cat that always causes a mess then this name is exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Hyper Kitty
    • For Angry Cat


  • Isaac
    • Best name for an intelligent cat.
  • Icarus
    • Cat who has unique abilities.
  • Ike –
    • Do you love old names? This 3 letter name very populat in 1940s.
  • Ivan
    • Best for truble maker cat.


  • Jarvis
    • Best for nerdy Cats
  • Jafar
    • Good name for a cat who loves to travel.
  • Jasper
    • For cats who have the ability for finding hidden things in the home.
  • Jolt
    • Best for energetic cats who give a serious shock to life.


  • King
    • Great name for a male cat.
  • Knight
    • A cat who always defend his owner.
  • Kyle
    • Best for Orange Tabby cat.


tabby cat
  • Leo
    • Best for a brave Cat.
  • Landon
    • Best for long and lanky in size male tabby cat.
  • Link
    • A great name for a blonde-colored cat.
  • Loki
    • Loki god of mischief. This name is best for your claver cat.
  • London
    • If you are from London but live outside then no other name is as good as it.


  • Mack
    • Your cat is everything for you? Then it is best for your cat.
  • Marlon
    • Best name for Coat like pattern cut.
  • Marbles
    • Great name for goofy like a cat.
  • Mickey
    • If you have a Minnie name female then it will suit your male cat.
  • Mittens
    • A cat who loves to jump high.
  • Mocha
    • Mocha to represent that smooth color. This name will best for Brownish colored tabby cats.


  • Nick
    • Perfect name for an orange cat
  • Nitro
    • Your cat runs fast? Then this is best for him.
  • Nimble
    • Best for the quick and witty cat.
  • Night Owl
    • Best for a cat who loves to adventure at night.
  • Norman
    • Best for a Northern Tabby cat.
  • Numbers – Having trouble counting all the different ways your cat impresses you? Name them Numbers!


  • Orion
    • Best for Tabby cat.
  • Oreo
    • Perfect name for Black and white color cat. It reminds you of an oreo cookie!
  • Orlando
    • Best for a cat who loves the fun.


tabby cat boy
  • Preston
    • Best name for English Male Tabby Cat.
  • Pebbles
    • A name like this is inspired by the round markings on your tabby cat’s fur. Works well for spotted tabbies.
  • Packer
    • Best for Strong Cat.
  • Poppy
    • Best for a cat who love to jump all around.
  • Prince
    • Best name to fell your cat royal.
  • Pulse
    • This name is reserved for those special cats whom you consider to be the heartbeat of your life.


  • Quinn
    • Short for Quincy!
  • Quain
    • Best for fast cat.
  • Quillon
    • For cats with a sharp mind and claws.


  • Ray
    • Best for a cat who is bright and bubbly like rays of sunshine.
  • Rico
    • This would be the perfect name for a brown male tabby cat.
  • Randall
    • A cat who protects its owner.
  • Rocky
    • Cats with a strong frame and good energy could be named after the fictional boxer.


  • Stripes
    • Best for a Tabby cat who has unique patterns and stripes.
  • Slaton
    • A crisp and cool name.
  • Stanley
    • This one is inspired by hockey fans!
  • Sam
    • Best for a cat who shows lots of affection.
  • Shadow
    • Suited for a dark tabby cat.
  • Simba
    • Name after Lion King.
  • Skipper
    • Best for jumping cat.
  • Speckles
    • Great name for your tabby cat if he’s got spot patterns on his fur coat.
  • Skittles
    • Cat has a unique coat and eye color.
  • Sugar
    • For cats who are sweet in personality.
  • Swirly
    • Classic tabby cats


  • Teddy
    • Best for chocolate or brown coat color!
  • Taz
    • Perfect for a wild cat who is always getting into trouble.
  • Tango
    • Best for a cat who loves to dance.
  • Tigger
    • Best for tiger patterns tabby cat.
  • Tiger
    • Best for Male Tiger tabby cat.
  • Tony
    • Great name for an intelligent cat.
  • Tornado
    • Best for a cat who destroys everything that came his way.


  • Umar
    • This name is for the cat who flourishes and loves life.


  • Victor
    • Another name that refers to victory.
  • Vince
    • A name meaning to conquer; something all cats love to do to their toys and areas in the home.
  • Vegeta
    • If you’re into anime and your cat has long hair this can be fun!


  • Whiskers
    • Name after popular food brand Whiskas


  • Xavier
    • Xavier a very famous Facebook commenter . So you cat quite famous with his reaction then go for this name.


  • Yosef – An alternative spelling to Joseph.


  • Zip
    • Cats who are fast and witty should be named Zip!
  • Zac
    • Just another name that fits the three-letter combo.

Closing Thoughts

If dogs are a man’s best friend then cats are our babies. Choosing a name that suits your taste and your cat is the first thing you should do after adopting a cat/kitten. Yet, it can be a bit hard to come up with great name ideas every time, especially if you have a lot of cats.

In this article, we compiled a list of the Best Male Tabby Cat Names to better help cat owners (like yours) come up with a sweet name for their babies. And we are delighted if all our efforts made your life easy, even the tiniest bit.

So, hit us up in the comments, let us know how you feel about the article as we are always open to your feedback. Share this article with your cat lover friends if you think cats are adorable, and last but not least, what did you name your Male Tabby Cat?😺

Best Male Tabby Cat Names

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