166+ Shadowhunters Cat Names

Looking for Shadowhunters cat names? Here’s a list of perfect Shadowhunters inspired cat names.

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Are you a devoted fan of the Shadowhunters movie franchise? Do you want to give your feline friend a name that exudes mystique and excitement? Look no further!

We have curated a list of Shadowhunters-inspired cat names that will make your furry companion the talk of the town. Whether you are drawn to the formidable characters or the thrilling plotlines, these names will add a touch of magic and adventure to your cat’s identity.

Unleash your imagination and choose a name that reflects the captivating world of the Shadowhunters. Discover the perfect name for your cat and embark on a truly extraordinary journey together. Get ready to be inspired and let the naming begin!

Best Shadowhunters Cat Names

  • Jace (Male cat)
  • Clary (Female cat)
  • Isabelle (Female cat)
  • Alec (Male cat)
  • Simon (Male cat)
  • Magnus (Male cat)
  • Lucifer (Male cat)
  • Sebastian (Male cat)
  • Lilith (Female cat)
  • Max (Male cat)
  • Maia (Female cat)
  • Camille (Female cat)
  • Raphael (Male cat)
  • Valentine (Male cat)
  • Imogen (Female cat)
  • Tessa (Female cat)
  • Will (Male cat)
  • Gideon (Male cat)
  • Charlotte (Female cat)
  • Henry (Male cat)
  • Church (Male cat)
  • Ragnor (Male cat)
  • Magnolia (Female cat)
  • Sophie (Female cat)
  • Brother Zachariah (Male cat)
  • Jordan (Male cat)
  • Isabelight (Female cat)
  • Anna (Female cat)
  • Diana (Female cat)
  • Kit (Male cat)

Funny Shadowhunters Cat Names

  • Cat-Clary (Female cat) – A cat version of Clary
  • Whiskersbane (Male cat) – For the cat with sharp whiskers
  • Furce (Male cat) – A playful twist on the name Jace
  • Meowgnus (Male cat) – A cat version of Magnus
  • Mewcy (Female cat) – A clever play on the name Lucy
  • Purrsephone (Female cat) – Combines “purr” with “Persephone”
  • Ragdoll (Male cat) – Perfect for a relaxed and floppy cat
  • Catstiel (Male cat) – A cat version of Castiel
  • Purrdita (Female cat) – A feline twist on Perdita
  • Feline (Male cat) – A punny name for a cat
  • Catrick (Male cat) – A cat version of Patrick
  • Catnip (Female cat) – Inspired by a favorite treat of cats
  • Furmander (Male cat) – A fun twist on the name Alexander
  • Whiskerina (Female cat) – Perfect for a cat with long whiskers
  • Catissa (Female cat) – A playful twist on the name Marissa
  • Furrnando (Male cat) – A funny take on the name Fernando
  • Pawcifer (Male cat) – A cat version of Lucifer
  • Catalie (Female cat) – A cute play on the name Natalie
  • Meowabelle (Female cat) – Combines “meow” with “Isabelle”
  • Purrcival (Male cat) – A regal name for a cat
  • Catlyn (Female cat) – A feline twist on the name Caitlin
  • Furthur (Male cat) – For the adventurous and curious cat
  • Kibblely (Female cat) – A silly name for a cat who loves her food
  • Mewdius (Male cat) – A cat version of Julius
  • Purrfessor (Male cat) – A scholarly name for an intelligent cat
  • Catarina (Female cat) – Inspired by the character Catarina
  • Furrella (Female cat) – A playful twist on the name Gabriella
  • Furgus (Male cat) – A fun take on the name Magnus
  • Whiskerbell (Female cat) – Combines “whisker” with “Tinkerbell”
  • Purrcy (Male cat) – A cute and playful name for a cat
  • Catilda (Female cat) – A feline version of Matilda

Cool Shadowhunters Cat Names

  • Raven (Male/Female cat)
  • Shadow (Male/Female cat)
  • Blade (Male cat)
  • Phoenix (Male/Female cat)
  • Nyx (Female cat)
  • Storm (Male/Female cat)
  • Rogue (Male/Female cat)
  • Midnight (Male/Female cat)
  • Onyx (Male/Female cat)
  • Vesper (Female cat)
  • Noir (Male cat)
  • Ravenclaw (Male/Female cat)
  • Ember (Male/Female cat)
  • Jet (Male/Female cat)
  • Viper (Male cat)
  • Shadowhunter (Male cat)
  • Blaze (Male cat)
  • Steel (Male cat)
  • Electra (Female cat)
  • Mystique (Female cat)
  • Hawk (Male cat)
  • Neo (Male cat)
  • Rogue (Male/Female cat)
  • Venus (Female cat)
  • Twilight (Male/Female cat)
  • Spike (Male cat)
  • Stormy (Male/Female cat)
  • Ash (Male/Female cat)
  • Blaze (Male cat)
  • Rogue (Male/Female cat)

Unique Shadowhunters Cat Names

  • Seraph (Male cat) – Inspired by angelic beings in the series
  • Runestone (Male cat) – A symbol of Shadowhunters’ power
  • Stele (Female cat) – The magical tool used by Shadowhunters
  • Witchlight (Female cat) – A mystical crystal in the series
  • Parabatai (Male/Female cat) – A bond between two Shadowhunters
  • Demonbane (Male cat) – For a cat that protects against demons
  • Angelica (Female cat) – Inspired by angelic characters
  • Whisperwind (Male/Female cat) – A mysterious and ethereal name
  • Silvertongue (Male cat) – For a cat with a silver-tipped tongue
  • Amulet (Male/Female cat) – A symbol of protection in the series
  • Sunstrike (Male/Female cat) – A name representing power and strength
  • Shadowblade (Male cat) – For a cat with sleek and agile movements
  • Starborn (Male/Female cat) – A name for a special and destined cat
  • Dreamhunter (Male cat) – Perfect for a cat that chases dreams
  • Spellbound (Male/Female cat) – A magical and enchanting name
  • Moonshadow (Female cat) – For a cat that moves like a shadow
  • Runewhisperer (Male cat) – A cat with the ability to understand runes
  • Witchfinder (Male cat) – A cat skilled in finding and catching witches
  • Elysium (Female cat) – Inspired by a heavenly realm in the series
  • Whirlwind (Male/Female cat) – For a cat with boundless energy
  • Cairngorm (Male cat) – A gemstone associated with protection
  • Enkeli (Female cat) – Finnish for “angel”
  • Sableheart (Male/Female cat) – A cat with a brave and fierce heart
  • Twilightseeker (Male/Female cat) – For a cat that loves the night
  • Whisperstrike (Male cat) – A name for a cat with silent and swift attacks
  • Stardancer (Female cat) – For a cat that loves to play and dance
  • Glyph (Male/Female cat) – A symbol of magic and power
  • Silverbell (Female cat) – For a cat with a tinkling and magical presence
  • Runethorn (Male cat) – A cat with thorns that protect against evil
  • Huntress (Female cat) – A name for a cat with exceptional hunting skills

Cute Shadowhunters Cat Names

  • Isabelle – Meaning: “pledged to God”
  • Alec – Meaning: “defender of mankind”
  • Clary – Meaning: “clear, bright”
  • Jace – Meaning: “healing”
  • Magnus – Meaning: “great”
  • Simon – Meaning: “he has heard”
  • Lily – Meaning: “pure”
  • Raphael – Meaning: “God has healed”
  • Maia – Meaning: “great”
  • Isra – Meaning: “nocturnal journey”
  • Max – Meaning: “greatest”
  • Clary – Meaning: “bright, famous”
  • Alec – Meaning: “defending men”
  • Jace – Meaning: “healing”
  • Lydia – Meaning: “noble kind”
  • Aline – Meaning: “noble”
  • Lucian – Meaning: “light”
  • Camille – Meaning: “attendant at a religious ceremony”
  • Sebastian – Meaning: “venerable”
  • Maia – Meaning: “illusion”
  • Jonathan – Meaning: “gift of God”
  • Isabelle – Meaning: “consecrated to God”
  • Raphael – Meaning: “healed by God”
  • Simon – Meaning: “the listener”
  • Catarina – Meaning: “pure”
  • Church – Meaning: “place of worship”
  • Amarlina – Meaning: “immortal”
  • Meliorn – Meaning: “golden”
  • Valentine – Meaning: “strong, healthy”
  • Maureen – Meaning: “great”
  • Imogen – Meaning: “maiden”

Male Shadowhunters Cat Names

  • Jace – Meaning: “healing”
  • Alec – Meaning: “defender of mankind”
  • Simon – Meaning: “he has heard”
  • Raphael – Meaning: “God has healed”
  • Max – Meaning: “greatest”
  • Lucian – Meaning: “light”
  • Sebastian – Meaning: “venerable”
  • Jonathan – Meaning: “gift of God”
  • Raj – Meaning: “king”
  • Malachi – Meaning: “my messenger”
  • Matthew – Meaning: “gift of God”
  • Robert – Meaning: “bright fame”
  • Stephen – Meaning: “crown”
  • Edwin – Meaning: “wealthy friend”
  • Isaac – Meaning: “laughter”
  • Samuel – Meaning: “heard by God”
  • Victor – Meaning: “conqueror”
  • Damien – Meaning: “tame”
  • Gabriel – Meaning: “God is my strength”
  • Nathaniel – Meaning: “gift of God”
  • William – Meaning: “resolute protector”
  • Thomas – Meaning: “twin”
  • Henry – Meaning: “ruler of the household”
  • Oliver – Meaning: “olive tree”
  • Daniel – Meaning: “God is my judge”
  • Jeremy – Meaning: “appointed by God”
  • Michael – Meaning: “who is like God”
  • Peter – Meaning: “rock”
  • Charles – Meaning: “free man”
  • Andrew – Meaning: “manly”

Female Shadowhunters Cat Names

  • Isabelle – Meaning: “pledged to God”
  • Clary – Meaning: “clear, bright”
  • Lily – Meaning: “pure”
  • Maia – Meaning: “great”
  • Isra – Meaning: “nocturnal journey”
  • Lydia – Meaning: “noble kind”
  • Aline – Meaning: “noble”
  • Camille – Meaning: “attendant at a religious ceremony”
  • Clary – Meaning: “bright, famous”
  • Maia – Meaning: “illusion”
  • Catarina – Meaning: “pure”
  • Amarlina – Meaning: “immortal”
  • Imogen – Meaning: “maiden”
  • Tessa – Meaning: “harvester”
  • Emma – Meaning: “universal”
  • Charlotte – Meaning: “free man”
  • Sophie – Meaning: “wisdom”
  • Elizabeth – Meaning: “God is my oath”
  • Emily – Meaning: “rival”
  • Grace – Meaning: “elegance, beauty”
  • Amelia – Meaning: “work”
  • Victoria – Meaning: “victory”
  • Hazel – Meaning: “hazel tree”
  • Lucy – Meaning: “light”
  • Aria – Meaning: “lioness”
  • Anna – Meaning: “grace”
  • Diana – Meaning: “divine”
  • Gabriella – Meaning: “God is my strength”
  • Sara – Meaning: “princess”
  • Rachel – Meaning: “ewe”

How to Choose Shadowhunters Cat Names?

  1. Consider the personality traits of your cat and match them with the qualities of a Shadowhunter character. For example, if your cat is courageous and bold, you could name them Jace or Isabelle.
  2. Think about the appearance of your cat and choose a name that reflects their physical attributes. For instance, if your cat has beautiful blue eyes, you could name them Magnus, after the warlock with striking blue eyes in the series.
  3. Take inspiration from memorable moments or quotes from the Shadowhunters series. For example, if there’s a particular scene that resonates with you, you could name your cat after a character or phrase associated with that scene.
  4. Consider the meaning behind the names and choose one that aligns with your cat’s personality or your own preferences. For instance, if you have a playful and mischievous cat, you could choose the name Maia, which means “illusion.”
  5. Involve family and friends in the naming process. You can create a list of Shadowhunters cat names that you like and ask for their input. This can make the naming experience more fun and help you choose a name that everyone loves.
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