1000+ Cool Instagram Names That Will Get You Lots Of Followers in 2022

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” These immortal lines from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet have touched the hearts of millions. Though your name alone doesn’t define who you really are, things are quite the opposite when it comes to Instagram. If you …

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Cool Instagram Names,

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”

These immortal lines from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet have touched the hearts of millions. Though your name alone doesn’t define who you really are, things are quite the opposite when it comes to Instagram. If you don’t have a good Instagram name, you are just wasting space. So, with weeks of hard work, a bit of creativity, we compiled the Largest list of cool Instagram names and the best Instagram name ideas that will make your IG profile stand out.

Why Should you care about your Instagram name?

Finding an Instagram name seems like an easy job. You hit the site, type in a username, add extra characters and numbers, and voila! You got yourself a unique Instagram name. Simple right? Well, not really. Using a random Instagram username is the worst thing you can do to your IG profile. Here is why-

  • Embarrassing to Share: Random Instagram names can be awkward to share with friends, family, and co-workers. If you are a guy and end up with a girly username, you better brace yourself for a disaster.
  • Hard to remember: A Random username is always hard to remember. Thus it is terrible, especially if you want to grow your Instagram following.
  • Lacks Personal Touch: We all do things a little differently than others. It is like the clothes that you wear or the food that you prefer. Any Instagram username will be unique, but it doesn’t reflect your personality. You want a username that separates you from the rest.
  • A username that Stands out: A name, say the_average_joejackson is far more attractive or catchy than joejakson1532. People are more likely to remember the former. Thus, it will attract more people.
  • Leaving a Lasting Impression: Instagram prioritizes appearance. If you don’t have a classy Instagram username, it hurts your appearance and appeal.
    Bad for business and Brand: This is something that you should consider if you are a professional and want to expand using Instagram. If you don’t have a proper Instagram handle, it is terrible for your business.
  • Not Content Specific: If you are a DJ or an emerging EDM artist, you want users to find your profile when they search for the term DJ or EDM, respectively. You can not do that with an arbitrary name.
  • Not SEO Optimized: In easy words, how likely, it is for your IG profile to show up in a search engine when searched. Everyone is not after SEO or Search engine optimization. However, it is crucial for professional Instagram users or users who want to build a brand with their Instagram as a brand.

How to Choose a proper Instagram Username?

Choose a proper Instagram Username,

Now that you know the importance of a good Instagram username, you should know how to find or create one for yourself. Think of it that way – your unique Instagram username is an illustration of your identity on IG.

Best Instagram names let people who come across your profile know about your content, tells about you, leaves a good impression on your audience. If you want to change your Instagram username or you are about to start a new account, here are a few pointers that should help you find a unique, memorable, and available Instagram usernames.

Purpose of Your IG account

First, you need to decide what kind of content will you share on Instagram. Will your content be personal photos of everyday life, or you are looking for a business account?

Personal Touch

If you are setting up an Instagram account for personal use and your audience is your friend circle and family, you should consider your real or your nickname along with DOB as your Instagram handle. On the other hand, if you plan to use your Instagram account for business, try to incorporate a few key elements into your username, such as the name of the business, the type of business, your business location.

Let Your Passion Define you

If you are passionate about something like Rock music or heavy metal or you like writing, you may incorporate that into your username. For business Instagram usernames, you can include the services your business provides in your Instagram handle.

Organize the Elements

Once you have finalized the key elements you want in your username, try to think about creative ways to put everything together. If you’re going to use your nickname, and a number, play around with all of the possible combinations. The same goes for your Instagram business account. If you can’t use the exact company/business name due to availability issues.

Easy & Catchy wins the Race

Lastly, you should always go for a catchy Instagram name. Use punctuations with the shortlisted vital elements. However, you shouldn’t go overboard. Try to keep your Instagram username simple, appealing, and, most of all, easy to remember.

List of Cute, Best, Unique, and Cool Instagram Names For You that aren’t taken:

Now that you know all the different elements to a good Instagram name, here is a list of our top favorites — just in case you needed a little more inspiration.

Cool Instagram Names,

Cool Instagram Names:

  • @petiue
  • @bagatiba
  • @openair
  • @fragmentation
  • @witchoria
  • @sightunseen_
  • @snarkitecture
  • @digitalf33ls
  • @bloomingalchemy
  • @natureangel
  • @clash.studio
  • @jimsandkittys
  • @sundaze
  • @chillwildlife
  • @the_wylde
  • @white_storm
  • @tolphas
  • @number_1_creamy
  • @feature_swag
  • @independent_melvin
  • @cool_bubble
  • @foxyfisher
  • @armando_broncas
  • @petter_uncle
  • @mister_cybergypsy
  • @happy_saint
  • @it_wasn’t_me
  • @smallybells
  • @bunny_rabbit
  • @sweet_weapon
  • @x_mysterious_x
  • @butter_finger
  • @geekish_god
  • @lover_dropper
  • @snowmass
  • @cyberwarrior
  • @janaphyxiate
  • @pagol_chagol
  • @cybergypsy
  • @fara_foxer
  • @the_zingg
  • @cassivan
  • @aawara
  • @beer_is_dear
  • @1onone
  • @revenger
  • @hreday
  • @quixotic_me
  • @on_s_on
  • @tee_2
  • @misnaming_love
  • @garden_rose
  • @windy_miller
  • @sandman_girl
  • @pill_head
  • @silent_eyes
  • @cyberworrior
  • @white_storm
  • @nightingale_soakage
  • @garden_heart
  • @awesome_honey
  • @love_insta
  • @doll_face
  • @gold_grace
  • @awesome_dreamer
  • @instant_insta
  • @elegant_point
  • @gold_unseen
  • @tonight_gamer
  • @bad_captain
  • @bad_chatty
  • @crazy_anyone
  • @dead_deal
  • @deal_anneal
  • @deal_cereal
  • @yoyo_guitarist
  • @awesome_beauty
  • @top_to_follow
  • @mrextinct_hashtag
  • @hustle_flyswat
  • @criss_cross
  • @girl_moon_maker
  • @takenbywine
  • @greek_god
  • @elegant_pin-up
  • @grace_shower
  • @awesome_whisper
  • @daisy_louise
  • @soakage_star
  • @pink_award
  • @silly_pie
  • @lover_dropper
  • @enderfemale
  • @drone_ground
  • @happy_saint
  • @shimmer
  • @nightingale
  • @magnificent-jelly
  • @triple_adorable
  • @swag_swamped
  • @lawrence_legend
  • @bull_frog
  • @nice_touch

Cool Instagram names for Girls:

Cool Instagram names for Girls, Female Insta Name,
  • @izb_088
  • @lifeof_lilly
  • @evana_99
  • @princess_d_frozen
  • @snow_queen
  • @alita99
  • @angeless
  • @ibelle
  • @sofiawrites
  • @silvidove
  • @anemi008
  • @barbera_doll
  • @lovelyluna96
  • @angel_papiya
  • @nicha_00
  • @nistha301
  • @sleepy_tinker
  • @tragic_girl
  • @bettyblossoms
  • @girlofagun
  • @sad_cherry
  • @tom_sasha
  • @smudge_jasmine
  • @sophie_scooter
  • @oreo_magie
  • @precious_lily
  • @daydreamdory
  • @harmonious_hermione_
  • @lovegood
  • @dolores
  • @nymphadora_tonks
  • @bella_chakri
  • @sweety_pea_
  • @lisa_pink
  • @ira_jom
  • @minmin_sasa
  • @sassy_lisa
  • @taylor_swiftly
  • @karinatham202
  • @apporvarora
  • @ariana_sings
  • @cupsy_bakes_cupcakes
  • @blueyes_tori
  • @rvolution_pink
  • @rebeccarose
  • @princess_punch
  • @that_teen_
  • @jane.smile
  • @tweety_sweetie
  • @lovedrops
  • @princessland
  • @queen0fhearts
  • @no_mans_land
  • @wreckitray
  • @angel_wonderland
  • @thechillpixel
  • @inpainsincethen
  • @hotshorty
  • @coolstrawbarrie
  • @maple_leaf
  • @girlskywalker
  • @nina_ninjagirl
  • @queenkingdom
  • @legislation_kara
  • @midnight_rambler
  • @tender_cross
  • @cutesie_pie
  • @strawberryshortcake
  • @kpopkiss
  • @adamofwoman
  • @sara_lavender
  • @smilee_love
  • @capricrown
  • @sayitcute
  • @lofty_farm
  • @smile_everywhere
  • @kate_love
  • @queen_bee
  • @barbie.bean
  • @amazon.girl
  • @beautifulbeanie
  • @turner_sophie
  • @talksgirl99
  • @carrflower
  • @repaymentgirl
  • @womanimportance
  • @babyrings
  • @jane.merica
  • @rarelylilly
  • @rosemandates
  • @divadeana
  • @rosewine
  • @amanda.me
  • @princess_east
  • @pennypink44
  • @bettybrews
  • @raindew
  • @frozen_elsa
  • @killykills
  • @midnight_cinderella

Cool Instagram names for Boys:

Cool Instagram names for Boys
  • @tonight_boy
  • @neil_nightmare
  • @bad.captain
  • @good.dude
  • @crazy.one
  • @ig__hacker
  • @daredevildave
  • @gamer_simmer
  • @deadline_dork
  • @freak_bad
  • @gamer_slayer
  • @reddead_richard
  • @hideous_henry
  • @mayhem_morphus
  • @far_racer
  • @gamer_tales
  • @interior_bad
  • @facer_racer
  • @jewayne_dohnson
  • @dead_deal
  • @looser_bad
  • @lowercase_guy
  • @news_deal
  • @plot_racer
  • @racer_hell
  • @racer_party
  • @swag_football
  • @list_mist
  • @baby_bold
  • @show_runner
  • @blademan
  • @planet_zoom
  • @super_sandy
  • @tom_targerian
  • @heart_ticker
  • @hello_hell
  • @smart_guy
  • @veal_deal
  • @bean_never_seen
  • @team_of_tangs
  • @jump_in_jaw
  • @helicopter_number_12
  • @surfing_scooter
  • @snake_super
  • @girls_of_neptune
  • @windy_orbits
  • @broken_paws
  • @dim_tim
  • @instant_charger
  • @polly_crest
  • @anonymousboy
  • @tiny_hunter
  • @eye_lover
  • @pasta_pins
  • @board_on_road
  • @rice_wife
  • @well_checked
  • @global_tummy
  • @training_tent
  • @creepy_camp
  • @claudia_clouds
  • @david_the_dancer
  • @beijing_band
  • @will_of_washington
  • @new_jersey_jack
  • @mouth_of_mexico
  • @texas_tiger
  • @manhattan_men
  • @london_lions
  • @lucky_lad
  • @freak_treat
  • @dude_hellbound
  • @beacon_boss
  • @caption_master
  • @misty_moles
  • @million_mack
  • @big_bites
  • @busy_san
  • @billy_hills
  • @lovely_lads
  • @magical_mutes
  • @local_lions
  • @fifty_shades_of_love
  • @silver_shades
  • @junior_jumper
  • @jupiter_fest
  • @micky_mack
  • @mollen_mist
  • @girls_cake
  • @women_vine
  • @virgin_vanilla
  • @various_eyes
  • @floating_heart
  • @beacon_boy
  • @mr__perfect
  • @cr_seven7
  • @kingping_karan

Classy Instagram Names:

Classy Instagram Names
Classy and Cool Instagram Names


Attitude Names for Instagram

Attitude names for Instagram


Cool Instagram Names for Bikers

Cool Instagram Names for Bikers


Cute Instagram Names


Cool Instagram names for Gamers

Cool Instagram names for Gamers,


Unique Instagram Names

Unique Instagram Names,


Lovers Cool Instagram Names

Lovers Cool Instagram Names, Romantic Instagram names,


Funny Instagram Names:

Funny Instagram Names,


Random Instagram Name

Random Instagram Name



Good Instagram Names

Good Instagram Names



Instagram facts,

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. One-seventh of the world’s population is now on Instagram. So, if you want yourself to be recognized, it is essential to get an Instagram name that stands out. We tried our best to compile the largest list of cool, funny, and attitude Instagram names for boys and girls, and now it is your turn.

Use your imagination, mix, and match, and see what works for you the best. Let us know the cool Instagram names you came up with within the comments section below. Enjoy your time on Instagram, and just be yourself! You are awesome!

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